Better life without school


School is probably a good invention of mankind. But the obligation to go to school, is more of a disadvantage than an advantage, since there are cars.

Before cars exists in the world, people walked to school. Long distances were impossible.

People stayed together in a certain area, day and night.

Since cars exist in our world, this has changed. We drive almost every day.

That destroy family culture!

Mankind invented a lot of new technology for communication, with the intent to bridge the long distances that we drive from our companions.

Most people will say this things are good. Indeed it makes life easier these days.

But on the other hand, technology destroys our nature, the land on which our food grow.

Infrastructure for cars and communication needs a lot of space.

We should stop traveling so much. We should stay and think how to protect our nature for the next generation.

But how we can do that?

We must give the power for that to the young generation.

Probably homeschooling is a solution!