LanguageCourse program version 0.2

This web application is in development. There may be bugs. But i work constantly on it, to improve it.

    I suggest the following learn method:

  1. Choose from "Practice"-Menu "Multiple choice test".
  2. Select a word list and practice the multiple choice test.
  3. Next, choose from "Practice"-Menu "Fill out spaces".
  4. Select the same word list as before and practice filling out the missing letters.
  5. Last but not least choose from "Practice"-Menu "Write vocables".
  6. Select the same word list again try to write the right translation.

Repeat this steps until you have all vocabulary in your mind. This might be a good way to learn new vocabulary fast.

Every time you translated a word right, it will removed from the wordlist. You just have to practice the words that you don't know again.

You can save and load the wordlist with the blue buttons, or set it back to default.